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Black Male Clothing was birthed out of a need to take the negative stereotypes and tropes and begin to own the narrative of those words, phrases, thoughts, and symbols to uplift and instill pride into our people. From the name of the brand, to the logo, to even the name of the clothing collections that are on the horizon, EVERYTHING is intentionally created to change a negative idea to a powerful symbol of hope and pride in our community.

The name Black Male Clothing is used to take the Black Male and make him a positive destination; a place to strive to become, to grow into his strength and knowledge. Black Male Clothing is a way to eliminate the negative connotations and to shed a positive light on who we are as a people. I created this clothing line for all our people (men and women; young and old) to feel strong and passionate for us, just like I do, when wearing this brand.


The logo means “Black Power”, nothing more, nothing less. I wanted to create a logo that was very clear in that it gives black people, from all countries, the power to stand and be authentically US. I wanted to create something that WE can claim as our own without it being appropriated by others.


My goals are to teach and inspire our people. To empower and instill pride in our people by building a network to help circulate the black dollar in our communities. My long term goal is to also help create jobs in different countries in Africa as a way to give back and to bridge the gap between our people on multiple continents. I want to bring unity to all our communities because I know there is power in numbers. My hope is that I make our Ancestors proud. 

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